The #CoyneEffect: Is the ME Community Stepping Up or Backing Down?

To say we “don’t accept abuse” is double-edged sword. It’s easy to say we don’t accept the government’s abuse and the many deplorable policies and active ignorance which have been levied at us. It’s harder to say to someone who made a show of being on our side and in a position of social authority… we don’t accept abuse from you. Both are necessary.

In short, it’s easy to oppose bullies from faraway, but much harder to stand up to a bully who would sit at the same round table; the second is a truer test of mettle.

“Humanity becomes what we allow” … I like that. Ultimately, humanity is us.

Thoughts About M.E.

I have received a number of messages from members of the community inquiring about my absence from ME advocacy and about my health. I deeply appreciate the concerns and thoughtfulness. James David Chapman recently tweeted:


I posted a series of tweets in reply to James, which are reproduced below, because the tweets should be read in succession, as each builds on the prior ones. This, obviously, scratches only the surface of the effects on the community of Coyne’s rampage against ME advocates. But I am not well enough to write a blog post fleshing out the topics of my tweets.

I apologize for the incomplete list of those who have been targeted by Coyne, by public or private attacks or threats or by being aggressively blocked on social media. Louise Reed was one of the targets of Coyne’s vicious cyberbullying who is not mentioned below because I didn’t have enough…

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